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Condominium and PUD Ownership
Environmental Issues
Lead Poisoning
Living Trusts
Mechanic's Liens
Underground Heating Oil Tanks
Understanding Foreclosures

Mortgage Information

Items You Need When Applying For a Loan
Land Contract
The Advantages of Different Types of Mortgage Lenders
The Biweekly Mortgage - Who Needs It
The No-Cost Thirty Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
Types of Mortgage Lenders
Where Does the Money Come From for Mortgage Loans
Which ARM is the Best Alternative
Your Savings and Down Payment

Rentals and Leases

Rentals And Leases


Homeowner Information
Mortgage Information
Tips For Buyers
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Title and Escrow

Tips for Buyers

Avoiding Financial Stress
Build a Plan of Action and Get Ready
Finding the Right Seller
Getting a Legitimate Lender and Getting Pre-Approved
Hot, Normal, and Cold Markets
Importance of Inspection
Is Buying a Home Still a Smart Plan
Thinking About Buying a Foreclosure
Use a Buyer's Agent
Why You Should Not Make Any Major Credit Purchases

Tips for Sellers

Considering Offers
Finding the Right Agent
For Sale By Owner - A Good Idea
Getting the Highest Price in the Shortest Time
Insist on a Home Inspection
Know Why You are Selling
Making a Good First Impression
Plan of Action
Setting the Price
What is a Short Sale Anyway

Title and Escrow

Common Ways of Holding Title
Creative Financing
Required Reporting to the I.R.S.
Statements of Information
The Functions of an Escrow
Title Insurance - Where Does Your Dollar Go
Title Insurance Requirements for Insuring Trusts
Title Insurance When Refinancing Your Loan
Understanding Preliminary Reports
Understanding Title Insurance
Why Do You Need Title Insurance
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